As one of the sponsors of the inaugural Brazosport Arts & Media Festival, Woodshore is proud to announce that Dennis Bonnen, Texas’ Speaker of the House, will hand student contest winners their awards at the finals from 6 pm -10 pm on Saturday, Sept. 28, 2019, at the beautiful Clarion Performance Center in Clute, Texas. This is an extraordinary opportunity for Speaker Bonnen to see first-hand the amazing skill of students in this field, and to emphasize the value of supporting digital media in Texas schools and beyond. Other special guests will include award-winning film producer Shawn Welling and his film-star dog Ranger, as well as professors and experts from across the United States that will lead a series of workshops during the day.

 The BAM! Festival is a short-film and animation festival limited to high school and college students. For most students, this is the first time their film or animated short is projected on a big screen in a theater. Organizer Chris Duncan says the attendees will be entertained all day, but “the top priority of the BAM! Festival is to provide the forum and the audience for students, so they can be recognized for their hard work in digital media.” 

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